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Curtain accessories

Our curtain accessories can make a real difference to the function and final look of a window dressing. We have curtain tiebacks and holdbacks to help maintain the look of well-dressed curtains and keep unruly curtains at bay.

Draw rods aid the opening and closing of curtains without the need to handle the fabric, essential with pale and delicate fabrics. They are particularly useful if the curtains are hung at great height or are excessive heavy. Additional curtain hooks and rings, always handy to have. And for track gliders which aren’t moving with ease, or rings which are scraping along the curtain pole then our silicone spray is an absolute must!

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Fixing Type
Product Range
Pack / Parts
Fixing Type
Product Range
Pack / Parts
Metal Curtain HooksMetal Curtain Hooks
Metal Curtain Hooks Sale price£0.15
Metal Pin / Stab Hooks
Metal Pin / Stab Hooks Sale price£0.15
Square30 Extra Gliders
Square30 Extra Gliders Sale price£0.30
19mm Cameron Fuller wrought iron metal curtain ringsCameron Fuller 19mm Metal Curtain Ring
Cameron Fuller 19mm passing C ringCameron Fuller 19mm Passing Curtain Ring
Cameron Fuller 32mm Metal Curtain RingCameron Fuller 32mm Metal Curtain Ring
Curtain Draw RodCurtain Draw Rod
Curtain Draw Rod Sale price£25.00
Swing Arm Curtain HoldbackSwing Arm Curtain Holdback
Swing Arm Curtain Holdback Sale price£25.00
Metal Curtain HoldbackMetal Curtain Holdback
Metal Curtain Holdback Sale price£25.00
Metal post holdback cameron fullerMetal Post Curtain Holdback
Metal Post Curtain Holdback Sale price£25.00