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How to measure for curtain poles

Curtain poles can be fitted to individual preferences but here are some guidelines.

  • To determine what length curtain pole you need, measure the width of the window/door and add at least 15cm to each side. The finials will be extra on top of this measurement. (Finials are the decorative ends of the curtain pole.)
  • If it is a wide window, allow at least 30cm either side for the curtains to draw back past the window.
  • It is likely that you will need to cut your curtain pole down to size, this can be done using a small hack saw.
  • The curtain pole should be fitted at least 15cm above the window/door.
  • Unless it is a specialist curtain pole, pole lengths longer than 240cm should be supported using the centre bracket provided.
  • Use a spirit or laser level to ensure the curtain pole is fitted level.
  • The brackets should be positioned approximately 5cm in from either end of the curtain pole (finials are not included in the pole length).
  • The curtains will only draw back as far as the brackets, so it is best not to have the brackets too close to the edge of the window as the curtains will block the light.

A = length of curtain pole required
B = allow at least 15cm
C = allow at least 15cm