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Install your track or pole before taking your measurements. Measure the track or pole, not the window itself.

To determine the length that the curtain pole/track needs to be, measure the width of the window and add 15cm to each side to allow the curtains to draw back passed the window (the decorative finials will be extra on top of this measurement).

Always use a metal tape measure as a cloth or plastic tape may stretch.
Measurements must be in full centimetres. Where your measurement falls in between two whole centimetres, always round down to the nearest centimetre (e.g. for a measurement of 100.5cm, record 100cm).


measuring guide


  • For poles: measure the width between the decorative finials. 
  • For tracks: measure the width from end to end. 
  • If the track overlaps in the middle you must include the overlap.


  • For poles: measure from the underside of the curtain ring to allow the pole to be seen above the curtains.

curtain ring drop measurement

  • For tracks: measure from the top of track to allow it to be hidden by the curtains. 

track drop

Measure from the correct point to: 

  • 1cm above the floor for full length, or to the floor +15cm if you would like the curtains puddled
  • the desired length for below-sill length
  • 1cm above the sill for sill length

measuring for curtains


Please also see our guide on How to Measure for Curtain Poles, as well as all the technical information regarding our products.