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Article: It’s a bit draughty!

It’s a bit draughty!

We’re sharing our top tips and best rated products to help keep your home cosy now the weather’s turned wild and wintery.

Doorways are the biggest culprit for letting cold draughts in. There’s no ‘one size fits’ all for furnishings but we do have a few solutions which can make hanging a big cosy door curtain easier and more effective.

Here’s the lowdown:

Door Curtain Pole

The obvious would be a door curtain pole. Here at Linear you can compile your own combination of components to create a bespoke solution to fit even the most awkward of spaces. Or contact us and we’ll recommend a suitable setup. We’ve got lengths of pole, decorative finials, brackets (including recess, ceiling, standard, extendable, ring pass …) and curtain rings. The combinations are endless. View our range of door curtain poles and components.

Portiere Rod

A simple hinged curtain pole which opens and closes with the door. A popular choice for adding decoration and blocking draughts. Not to be confused with the rising portiere rod. This version gives the option to open and close with the door by attaching to the door itself, or moving independently of the door and opening back to rest against the wall when not required. Available with or without curtain rings, it’s compatible with any type of door curtain heading. Find out more about our portiere rod and read genuine verified 5 star reviews from our customers.

Metal Curtain Track 

Where nothing else will fit or provide an effective solution, a metal curtain track is sure to do the job. Again, these can be supplied as a pack with everything included or you can create a track with just the components that you require. A customer of ours has kindly shared images and a video of how the track we specified and supplied has provided an effective solution for her doorway, enabling her to hang her own door curtain creation. Our metal curtain tracks are sturdy and have the option to be bent by hand at the time of installation. Shown here in Oyster finish with a Ball finial, with the addition of a matching draw rod.

door curtain track

curved metal curtain trackdoor curtain


Do you have a difficult draughty doorway? Get in touch and we can help you find the best way to battle those draughts!

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