Cameron Fuller 19mm Metal Curtain Pole Pack with Collar Finials

Cameron Fuller

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At a slim 19mm diameter, this wrought iron curtain pole is elegant yet strong. The pole, brackets and rings are made from this robust material enabling these wrought iron curtain poles to carry full length curtains. The slightness of the pole also makes it delicate enough to be used at narrow windows, where a less obtrusive look is desired.

These metal curtain poles are available in a range of different lengths. Should the standard lengths unsuitable, this hollow pole can be cut down to size using a hacksaw. See our installation guide in the tab to the right.

Cameron Fuller wrought iron poles are now available in a greater variety of finishes, making them the perfect addition to your room scheme. 

The simple solid iron collar finials enable you to further coordinate this curtain pole with your room decor and add that perfect finishing touch to your window dressing. This curtain pole is supplied with beautifully crafted finials which slot into either end of the pole.

The pole pack contains all the necessary components required to install this curtain pole (see pack contents in the tab to the right).


  • Made from wrought iron, plus solid wooden ball finials
  • Strong curtain pole, brackets and rings
  • Suitable for full length and sill length curtains
  • Cut down to size using a hacksaw
  • Available in 12 finishes - White, Chalk, Oyster, Ash, Almond, Nimbus, Slate, Bronze, Pewter, Chrome, Graphite and Black
  • Pole samples available on request
  • Standard pole lengths - 150cm, 200cm, 240cm, 300cm, 400cm (length not inc. finial)
  • Additional 19mm curtain pole components available separately
  • 150cm pole pack (1 x pole, 2 x brackets, 2 x finials and 16 x rings
  • 200cm pole pack (1 x pole, 2 x brackets, 2 x finials and 20 x rings)
  • 240cm pole pack (1 x pole, 3 x brackets, 2 x finials and 24 x rings)
  • 300cm pole pack (2 x 150cm poles, 3 x brackets, 2 x finials and 30 x rings)
  • 400cm pole pack (2 x 200cm poles, 3 x brackets, 2 x finials and 40 x rings)

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19mm curtain pole installation diagram   


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